Geospatial mapping platform

Geospatial mapping platform ensure a unified solution for all cemetery needs. The same maps use in our management software, The same maps used in our GIS system can be leverage in our grave locator kiosk, mobile devices and cemetery websites.

This state of art GIS platform helps professionals streamline their operation by providing real-time information on grave-sites (status, owner/occupant, restrictions, vault, marker, etc.), trees, irrigation system etc.

The status of each grave is color-coded providing easy grave status identification across large sections of a cemetery. The cemetery staff can view on the GIS maps, the information directly linked to the cemeteries proprietary database.

Cemetery sales professionals can search through the GIS portal for available spaces in a desired area, check real-time inventory availability (sold, available, reserved, occupied ...), obtain pricing, and reserve spaces.

If you decide to access your cemetery mapping from your office, a laptop, a kiosk, or a mobile device, you can trust Intera expertise to bring you the best solution. Contact us for more information or to schedule a live demo.