cemetery kiosk


Our award winner Information Kiosk is a self-service public stand, that supplies text, graphics, audio and video information. With the use of a touch screen, your visitors can obtain information on cemetery products & services, burial site locations and print maps for directions.

Families can search for loved ones on the cemetery kiosk and print CAD base vector maps for locations, send directions via email, or scan a provided QR Code with their mobile devices, guiding them to the gravesite through GPS navigation.


The Memorial Kiosk Module, an innovative option for cemeteries and funeral homes, allows families to share, memories, photos, biographical write-ups or videos of a departed loved one, to capture the essence of their life creating an everlasting tribute.


Designed to outstand the future trends in funeral industry our Kiosk has been in use for more than two decades. We are proud to be Its founder. For more informations regarding our kiosk application, or to ask for a quote please contact us.









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