Intera USA is the founder of the cemetery touch screen kiosk and since 1995 we have been a leading resource to cemeteries providing a wide range of computer services.

In the mid nineties Intera, introduced to our industry the document imaging concept to ensure a cost effective and smooth transition from paper records to computer format that is widely used by many today. See Article in "The American Cemetery for June 1999".

Continuing to be a leader in our changing technology, Intera USA introduced in 2009 another important product.: the GIS Web Map Server which is another first for our industry.

Intera is fully dedicated to bring the latest in technology and to provide comprehensive software solutions for our cemetery and funeral home clients.
Our software redefines cemetery efficiency, and provides enterprise-minded technology that result in innovative, cost effective and future-oriented solutions.
We are committed to develop strong, long-term relationships with our clients.
Quality customer service is our top priority.